Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Somebody is taking over my mobile phone

I have a Nokia 7710 with BSNL postpaid connection.
For the last few months I am having a problem with it, sometimes it stops ringing, or vibrating, in the same time it does not log anything. I have to open the battary and restart it to work.
Now the problem goes more, it is automatically trying to download someting through SIM services(I couldn't find out this feature). It gives an error while downloading, if I press OK it goes out. I also got a SMS from 8543(accidentally I delete that) saying "Please switch off and switch on your mobile phone" !!!!!!
Just saw a incoming call for a second and the phone restarted. No log for that call !!!!!
Can somebody help me to figure out whats going on ??

Monday, February 27, 2006

Python & Me

Was trying to catch a key press event (in any app) through my python code. Tried everything I can... but no result.
Now found a way through C. Looking for a way to send a signal into my Python code from that.

Last 2 days

Had the Blug meet on Saturday, went to Haze after that. Gja was in bad condition that night with his voice.
Almost no sleep for the last 48 hours.
Went to BangPypers meet Sunday. Took a right turn in wrong time. Got into police trouble. Now, court :(

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

X & my dad

Around 2pm, my dad called me, and said that X is not coming at home PC. I asked him what it is showing?
He told me a full screen of reporting bug stuff (he knows only start & shutdown & simple clicking). I replied, sorry I can't say anything from here(I don't know anything about that , how can I say??).
But after half an hour he replied that X is ok now.
How he did that? & what actually happened? God knows!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"We shouldn't force people to change"

That's what Phaneesh told me, when I asked him about the Linux boxes in the office internet kiosks. According to my observation, people who are not using those Linux boxes either don't know how to chat on that or never saw Linux working before :).
But, if you see the others who generally comes in to the kiosks and go directly to those Linux boxes, you will be surprised that most of them are using Linux only for the browsing time.
It will take time.. people don't want to change. But they will see how others are gaining & they will come in.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

My hand

My left wrist is also in a buggy condition. Feeling terrible pain. I think, while parking the bike, I made some stupid thing. :(

gplv3 meet

We had a meet to plan a global gplv3 meet around June-July. That meet will be mainly for the decision makers , law students & lawyers. We talked around 1 hour in the park.
A M company s*y (a girl with a MSDN T-shirt) was there in the same time.
We are going to have another meet within two weeks to clear the gpl idea among ourselves first.


Surjo already wrote about it, here is Swaroop's comment & Gopal's.
Best dialog of yesterday by Tejas , "Forget my talk" to Nildhara when his laptop was not working.
After the event Surjo gave us a treat at Pizza Hut. There I met Invisible Bob for the first time. Its very nice to meet him.
Pics are here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Food, nice food

Just finished dinner. I cooked myself(really tasty). But brunt my right arm with hot oil. Beware of hot oil while cooking.

yum update

Did a fresh installation of FC4. yum update took 24 hours & 20 minute to download 1.8 GB of updates.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Delli chalo

Going to Delhi tomorrow morning.
Bijra High School

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The small big problem..

Learning C from 2nd Sem.. Thought can explain the basics.. But when I tried to explain a very basic code to the first years in college, I was clean bowled.
The code:
int main()
int i=5;
printf ("\n%d %d %d\n",i,i--,++i);
According to my knowledge it should give 5 6 6.
But it gave 5 6 5.. Why? I don't know... today in office, me,naresh & Arvind tried to figure out what is happening..
It is giving 5 6 6 up to GCC 4.0.0 version (as informed by Monuda), but in GCC 4.0.2 .. we can't explain the result..
Any one help me......................