Friday, September 29, 2006

I can!!

Though it is more than one year am out of my college, but still I can write codes.
I thought "Industry" ate me but still I am alive :)

Few works I did

For the last two days I am doing some good stuff for me :)
Cleaning of my desktop is just finished :P
Well, released kphotobymail with a proper setup.. Many many thanx to err a.k.a Michael Rice for the help to build a clean installer.
Also submitted a review request for the Fedora extras package..Looking for a sponsor
Kartik is doing the packaging for Debian

Fixing the bugs in Kphotobymail.

Not a single time can type properly :(

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Need some eye candy Ruby on Rails examples

Looking for some eye candy Ruby on Rails examples

Kphotobymail 0.3.1 released

Just released Kphotobymail 0.3.1
This is actually 0.3 with the change in the installer. Now also having a menu entry.
Check it out here.

Monday, September 04, 2006


Last Saturday in the bangpypers meet, anand introduced HarvestMan.

From the project page:
HarvestMan is a fully functional, multithreaded webcrawler cum offline-browser. It is highly customizable and supports as much as 55 plus options for controlling and customizing offline browsing. It is written entirely in the Python programming language.

It simply rocks. I remember in the college days I was looking something like this.
Now I have one and in python :)
Still now it is a command line tool, GUI is in TODO list. So, will start doing that. For me, PyQt is the best choice.
If any one is wondering, how a gr8 python modular code looks, he/she should look into HarvestMan.